Signature Living Outline Plans for the Development of Floral Hall

Developer & operator, Signature Living announced exciting and ambitious plans to transform one of Belfast’s most celebrated landmarks, Floral Hall.

Built in the mid-1930’s, Floral Hall was renowned for being the centre of the cities romance. The ballroom and hall were the start of many Belfast love stories.

Now situated within the grounds of Belfast Zoo, Floral Hall is located on the slopes of Cave Hill overlooking Belfast Lough. The hall quickly established itself as the go-to spot for wedding, events and dances.

Floral Hall Belfast

Floral Hall History

Opened in 1936 and was a perfect example of art-deco with bright and ornate interiors and was often referred to as the Ballroom of Romance.

It is estimated that over 130,000 people used the building in 1947 alone, highlighting Floral Hall’s immense popularity within the community. Its popularity continued well into the 1960’s where acts such as Roy Orbison and Pink Floyd frequented the hall.

Floral Hall closed in the early 1970’s as the Troubles took hold of the city and affected the nightlife. With the community not venturing out anymore, Floral Hall struggled to survive.

The hall fell deeper and deeper into disrepair and when Belfast Zoo opened in 1974, there were plans for Floral Hall to become a restaurant. These plans never materialised, and the hall became an animal food storage space.

Belfast Floral Hall

Signature Living Plans

At the leading property exhibition MIPIM, Signature Living announced their interest in the landmark site and their visions to restore it to its former glory.

They outline specific plans as well as GCI visualisations which showcase the potential of Floral Hall once it is reinstated as an entertainment, conference and wedding venue.

The cost to transform the Belfast hall is expected to be around £5m.

Signature Living’s owner, Lawrence Kenwright, described the building as “a gem” of Belfast social and cultural history.

He further said, “I am publicly stating my desire to acquire the Floral Hall from Belfast City Council and bring it back to use for future generations to enjoy.”

GCI proposals by Signature Living

Official talks are yet to take place on the future of Floral Hall but the interest expressed by Signature Living is an exciting step towards saving such an iconic budling.

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