Why Invest

Growing Economy

Liverpool’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the UK with an annual growth rate of 15%. This is due to several factors one of which is a booming property market in both the residential and leisure sectors along with a thriving tourism economy.

Hub for Business

Over 28,000 skilled people are employed in the business services sector across Liverpool. The city is a hub for international trade boasting one of the most active ports in the UK. Liverpool also has a reputation as a world class centre for wealth management

Record Inward Investment

Liverpool has a constant focus on inward investment. One of the most main examples of this is the new Liverpool Waters £5.5 billion development project. This entails developing the city’s historic docklands area into a new commercial and residential district.

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The iconic Titanic themed hotel features Liverpool’s first rooftop Champagne Bar & Restaurant, luxury spa and White Star Grand Hall

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